Own the Club.

Due to overwhelming interest, Groundfloor is preparing to launch a Community Investment Round. This has been a dream of ours for a long time, and will allow anyone who believes in the mission behind Groundfloor to become an investor and share in our continued success.

What is Groundfloor?

Groundfloor creates community-first spaces empowering people to create and discover new communities to better their everyday lives. We provide space for work, wellness, and socializing. Groundfloor has four locations: San Francisco, Oakland, San Rafael, and Los Angeles. We take the effort out of finding other individuals with shared passions. We give our members and local community groups the power to host events, gatherings, and meetups and shape what happens within our walls and beyond. Groundfloor is built on the concept of intention, representation, and inclusion.

“I’ve seen the magic of what Groundfloor has brought to my life” - Ning Recio

We opened Groundfloor San Francisco in early 2022 on the back of the global pandemic, as a place to combat loneliness and build community. Since then, we’ve grown to 3 locations (4th coming soon!), welcomed 1.5K members, hosted 5,000 events and fostered >30 community-run groups into the world. We have also built close relationships with incredible mission-driven partners including Root Division, Black Citizen, Oasis for Girls, 826 National and many more.

Why do we exist?

We believe that social isolation is one of the biggest threats we face as a species. The growth of remote work, overdependence on apps and online worlds, and overly transactional ‘3rd spaces’ like co-working spaces and coffee-shops. We believe it’s time to create a new model for finding community in the real world: safe, welcoming spaces which are led by the members of the community.

The opportunity: own a piece of the community revolution

Since we launched back in 2022 we have always had requests from our members, and wider supporters, to invest in the company and share in our growth. Now, we are so excited to finally make this possible.

Historically investment into private companies was limited to ‘accredited investors’ of high net worth, but we’re partnering with equity crowdfunding platform WeFunder to enable anyone to invest in Groundfloor from as little as $100. Every investor will be a co-owner of the business, receive equity in the company, and the opportunity to share in our future growth and shape how we make decisions as an organization. We welcome and respect every investor as a representative of their community, with unique perspectives on the world. We believe that this is exactly how a community-first organization should be funded; by individuals and the community it serves.

There's no other place like it, and it’s now yours to own.

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What is the purpose of a Community Investment Round?

The Community Investment Round aims to gather community support to increase the business's growth and success. This Community Round will allow club members, the local community, and those aligned with Groundfloor's mission to become part-owners of Groundfloor. Every investment will contribute to expanding to new locations, improving existing ones, and fostering community growth and engagement.

Who can invest in a Community Round?

Participation in the Community Round is open to individuals aged 18 and above. Members, businesses, community organizations, and anyone who believes in Groundfloor’s mission are welcome to contribute to the Community Round with a minimum investment of $100.

How do I invest in the Community Round?

More details will be provided leading up to March 5th’s launch date. Once launched, those interested in participating will be guided through a step-by-step process on the campaign hosting platform, Wefunder. This typically involves creating an account, selecting your investment amount, and completing the required documentation.

How can I learn more about this investment opportunity?

Additional information about the Community Round, including detailed investment documentation, will be available on our website and Wefunder page upon our launch on March 19th, 2024. We also encourage potential investors to seek advice from financial advisors or professionals to understand the opportunity and associated risks fully.